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Relive the Energetic Night: Tech N9ne Live at Five Rocks Amphitheater! Immerse yourself in a dope collection of vibrant snapshots capturing the electrifying atmosphere of Tech N9ne's unforgettable performance in Gering, Nebraska on August 27th, 2022.

Witness the fusion of musical genius and thrilling visuals as DJ COs of Colorado sets the stage on fire, bringing out a lineup of Colorado's most exceptional Hip-Hop artists. Explore this gallery and experience the energy, talent, and camaraderie that made this event a standout moment in live music history.

Celebrating 1 Yr. since Tech N9ne Show in Gering, NE on Aug. 27, 2022

Oh Look! It's The Gang's Official DJ!

I'll Be Over Here (IBOH) Official DJ

DJ COS | Toussaint Lorenz | IBOH | Official DJ
Denver Open Media | DJ COS | Toussaint Lorenz | IBOH | Official DJ