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Welcome to the official website of DJ COS, one of the Mile High City's hottest DJ, and music connoisseur! We are proud to present "Box State Bangers," an explosive Hip Hop Mixtape that is set to redefine the Colorado music scene. Released on July 26th, 2023, this mixtape is a collaboration of pure talent, featuring many of Colorado's top artists, handpicked by the one and only DJ COS who Hosted the Mixtape and Presented by COSign.

"Box State Bangers" is a dynamic and electrifying compilation that showcases the diverse and rich hip-hop culture thriving in the Colorado region. With pulsating beats, raw lyrics, and cutting-edge production, this mixtape will take you on a sonic journey through the streets of the Mile High City and beyond.

COSign, an influential force in the Colorado music community, has expertly curated a lineup of artists who embody the spirit of the region. From established icons to rising stars, each track on the mixtape embodies the passion, creativity, and authenticity that makes Colorado's hip-hop scene truly unique.

As the host of "Box State Bangers," along with the help of Kingz Beatz Productionz, DJ COS brings his signature style and unmatched skill to the mix, blending tracks seamlessly and ensuring an unparalleled listening experience. His deep-rooted love for music and connection to the Colorado music scene have made him the go-to DJ for the hottest events and parties in the region. Get ready to witness the power of Colorado hip-hop as it takes center stage and captivates audiences worldwide.

Whether you're a hip-hop enthusiast, a music lover, or simply curious about the vibrant music scene in Colorado, "Box State Bangers" is a must-listen mixtape that will leave you craving for more. So, buckle up and join us on this unforgettable musical journey through the streets of the Mile High City, where the beats are hot, the rhymes are sharp, and the energy is undeniable. Welcome to "Box State Bangers" - Presented By COSign & Hosted by DJ COS of the Mile High City. Let the music speak for itself.

DJ COS,Toussaint Lorenz,Esu The Illest,Ha$h,MC Uriah,FoChief,Solo Skie,Riaga,Json Martin,Krisangela,Mike Steel,Ian Knox,Niff,Santino G,Jxhn Dxe,Toonmac,Mic Skillz,Albeez 4 Sheez
Co Anthem, Congratulations, Screw Up, Summer Livin, iKnow, M.L.A.M, Muevete Lento, Back Again, Villain, Take it there, Bad Look, Lust, See Me, Summertime Flow, Gout